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  • Only company in India manufacturing the base films for holograms and also producing the hologram security products for patch and spot applications also.

  • Only company in India having complete inhouse facility for manufacturing and supplying the final hologram products like, films, paper, foils etc.

  • Only Indian company having the complete facility and capability to manufacture the foil for Bank Notes inhouse in strip and patch form.

  • There are only 4-5 companies in the world who are producing Bank Note Foils and we are one of them who has been successfully approved by the world’s renowned company manufacturing Currency Notes.

  • We are the India’s first direct manufacturing company to supply the Hot Stamping Foil for the nation’s most Authenticated government document i.e Indian Passport supplied to India Security Press, Nasik.

  • First Indian manufacturing company to supply “India” inscripted Hot Stamping foil for High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to the Tenderers of ARAI.

  • First Indian manufacturing company to supply "India Chakra" Chromium Based Hot Stamping Holograms to be stamped on HSRP approved by ARAI.

  • We are providing the most authenticated security product i.e Customized Holographic security features for the India’s most popular medicine named “COMBIFLAM” to get rid of the duplication of the said medicine in the market locally and globally.