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Hot Stamping Foils & Holographic Films

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We offer a wide range of Hot Stamping Foils and Holographic Films for the printing and packaging industry that enhances the product appeal and makes its packaging distinguished from those provided by the competitors.

We have a complete range of Hot Stamping Foil and Holographic Films available to greatly increase the shelf appeal and thereby attracting buyer's attention.

Foils have always been at the heart of our business and these are now used to enhance a large and diverse range of products - worldwide. We offer a broad range with a wide choice of functionality, colours and patterns.

Hot Stamping Foils

We understand that the most important factor in hot stamp decoration is durability and workability. That's why our heat transfer foils are not only decorative, but also feature such functional characteristics as resistance to abrasion, fade, heat distortion, scratch proof, moisture and chemical resistance and work well on rotary/round and flatbed high speed machines.

Our range of Hot Stamping Foils are suitable from very fine cutting jobs to broad patch jobs and the most impressive feature is that all the range of Hot Stamping Foils are over printable.

Metallic Foils

As a cost effective decorating that adds value, prestige and flair, Rasik's metallic foils are used widely to create interest and add value to graphic arts & product, plastic & paper packaging and promotional materials. Rasik's metallic foils line includes bright silver and gold and a full range of metallized colours. Any shade not illustrated here can be customized by our colour matching services.

We also work closely with printing and converting companies and understand there requirements of foils and according to their requirements we do modifications in our formulations to meet the defined technical standards as well as bring improvements in the productivity levels.

These metallic hot stamp foils are primarily used in areas like plastics, cosmetics, greeting cards, packaging, plastic products and graphic industries where consistency in colour, appearance and workability are essential.

Our Hot stamping foil Grades are :


REI Grade - for fine cutting

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LS-2 Grade - for flatbed and cylindrical high speed machines

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RS-6 Grade - for over printable substrates

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ROP Grade - For large area coverage and Embossing

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R-777 - for Plastics

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RER Grade -For decorative and PVC substrates

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RV-8 Reverse Grade - For Acrylic stones

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RBP Grade - for UV lamination substrates

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Crystal grade - for glass

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CLP Grade - For textile printing applications

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RS7 grade - Multipurpose paper and plastic substrates

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PS8 grade - Matt lamination grade, Plastic beads

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Pigment Foils

Our range of pigment foil is primarily used for functional purposes. It's perfect for data coding in situations where legibility and permanence are key - such as in food and drink applications, clinical products and cabling.

Our pigment foil's strength is its versatility across substrates and machinery. There are grades that cover general purpose usage and specialist grades for cables and pipes. It can be used on a wide variety of substrates including papers; boards; hard plastics; acrylics; acetates; nylon; polystyrene; lacquered wood and PVCs.


PPR-1 Grade - Pigment foil for coding on PVC pipes and electric cables

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PPR-2 Grade - Pigment foil for paper and other coding purposes

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Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Eye-catching decoration that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Rasik's holographic patterns add a new dimension of excitement to products and promotional materials. Our advanced technology and technical understanding of light science enables us to design stock and custom materials that can display special effects for instant product attention and sales success.

Rasik's holographic patterns are used to create exciting packaging designs, promotional materials, advertising layouts, greeting cards, Plastic products , document identification etc.


RP-1233 Grade - Holographic Hot stamping foils

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HRI Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

We are the pioneers in India who produce Holographic HRI graphic grade Hot stamping foils. This grade of Hot stamping foil is transparent in nature with different holographic patterns. Today, graphic industry needs new and innovative foils to give more better appearance for there products and as per the changing requirements, Rasik foils always develop new coatings and structures to give most reliable and a unique appeal for the market.

Holographic Films

Rasik's holographic films are one of the best quality Holographic films from India. Continuously serving the carton and flexible packaging industry, our films are widely used in different applications like liquor boxes, Cosmetic boxes, Perfumes boxes, Decorative, flexible packaging and pouches etc.

Rasik Products Private Limited produces a complete range of metallic films which manufactured in a wide variety of colours. The same are available with holographic patterns which will definitely enhance the marketing impact of the packaging of your products.

HRI Holographic Films

These type of Holographic films are transparent holographic in nature (ZnS costed) with different general holographic patterns. These are developed to laminate transparent holography with paper/ board for enhancing the outlook of packaging like boxes and cartons of premium and branded products.

Transfer Films

Our transfer films have the best transferring properties which you can ever have and allows the converters to make their own Metallized and Holographic paper/boards. This film is developed with very special coatings to give a excellent brightness after transferring on paper. We can provide our transfer films in Melallized finishes, Holographic finishes and also Transparent so that the converters can emboss there own holographic patterns on our films and make there transfer holographic papers.